Recruiting Great Leaders to Rural Hospitals

By Jim King, Senior Partner, Chief Quality Officer

In simpler times, rural hospitals rarely competed with urban or even suburban ones for top leadership talent. Administrators tended to gravitate towards those communities or cities…

CMIOs in Healthcare: The Next Generation Makes Its Mark

By Hillary Ross, Consultant

One of the most critical executive positions in healthcare is the CMIO. The CMIO role has been in place for well over a decade, long enough to evolve to the point that we are now seeing “second-generation CMIOs” making their mark on the industry.

First-generation CMIOs had significant responsibility for implementing clinical systems and being change agents…

Readers’ Choice: Witt & Wisdom’s Top 14 for 2014

There is never a dull moment in healthcare, education, the nonprofit sector, and other industries which we serve. Leaders are kept on their toes, and there are plenty of issues and best practices to write about, as evidenced by the nearly 50 Witt & Wisdom blog posts published throughout this past year. As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to share the 14 most-read items on our blog from the year. (We’ve listed…

5 Healthcare Trends for 2015 . . . and Their Implications for Leaders

By Andrew Chastain, Healthcare Practice Leader

2015Healthcare is our firm’s most mature and largest practice area, and we take pride in having our ear to the ground in the industry and having a keen intuition about what’s ahead. While there are a great many trends shaping healthcare, the five below are those that I believe will significantly impact the sector…

Supporting Best Practices in Executive Search

Cover of AESC Issue with Chuck feature

One of our firm’s most valued partners is AESC, the Association of Executive Search Consultants. AESC serves the interests of retained executive search firms, upholds standards of recruiting excellence, and communicates the benefits of retained search to companies and organizations globally.

Witt/Kieffer is pleased to be a long-time member and supporter of AESC, and we wish…

Health IT Leadership: CIOs Eye the Bigger Picture

By Pamela Wagner

The CHIME CIO Fall Forum is one of the premier annual events at which CIOs and other health IT leaders gather to engage in truly big-picture thinking. This fall’s CHIME 2014 in San Antonio was no different, as top CIOs from around the country…

Great Alumni Foundation Leaders: Masters in a “Relationship Business”

Alumni foundation leaders oversee one of the main lifelines for institutions — endowments built by alumni donations — and as colleges are under more pressure to prove their worth so are these leaders. Under increasing federal budget cuts, donations are even more vital, helping to keep the school running by funding teaching endowments, capital for research, renovations and new construction, sports team scholarships – ultimately, giving schools the ability to stand out in a…

Developing the Next Generation of Chief Diversity Officers in Higher Education

While chief diversity officers in higher education are succeeding in their careers and CDO Report 2014 Coveroften moving up and out of their roles quickly, little attention has been paid to building a robust talent pipeline for the next generation of diversity professionals, according to a recent Witt/Kieffer survey of CDOs and other diversity officers.   Only 12 percent of the diversity executives surveyed said…

Board Best Practices: 6 Ways to Get Ahead of the Curve

By John McLean and James Gauss

curve-27681_640Executives are accustomed to change. They consider it a point of pride to anticipate the future and prioritize staying ahead of the curve.

Their boards of directors don’t always have this mindset. Boards typically don’t see themselves as needing to be proactive and progressive. Governance has a staid and static connotation to it.

On this note, we believe that boards can do…

2014 Up & Comers: Healthcare Leaders Committed to Community

up and comers official logo

Fearless, innovative, and civic-minded. These are the traits that distinguish this year’s class of Modern Healthcare Up & Comers, says Witt/Kieffer Healthcare practice leader, Andrew Chastain in his introduction to this year’s awards coverage.

Andrew Chastain