Physicians in Healthcare IT Leadership: Trends and Career Suggestions

Physicians are curious by nature, driven to accumulate new and different knowledge even after they are established in their practices. For this reason many physicians are fascinated with information technology and find themselves gravitating towards careers that combine their passions for medicine and IT.

Hillary Ross

Hillary Ross

There is an increasing need within healthcare IT leadership for M.D.’s, notes Hillary Ross, J.D. Ross—who specializes in the recruitment of Chief Medical Information Officers (CMIOs) and other senior-level IT positions—was the featured speaker in a recent “Learning Lunch Series” webinar hosted by the electronic medical records training firm 4Medapproved. The program, titled “New Career Paths in Health IT for Clinical Providers,” is available on YouTube and is embedded below.

Ross notes how a confluence of events and trends—including NIH Clinical & Translational Science Awards and government stimulus—have created an environment in which health systems and other organizations require IT leaders who truly understand the clinical aspects of healthcare.

At the same time, there is a real shortage of physicians who can assume clinical IT roles, and there are challenges that physicians face in making such a significant career transition.

In the webinar, Ross shares suggestions and steps clinicians can take to ensure they’re ready to follow their passion into IT leadership. For those physicians able to make the transition, IT leadership careers can be just as rewarding as their practices. Says Ross, clinical IT leaders, by improving care and cutting costs, can impact thousands of patients at a time.

Enjoy the video start to finish, or below is a chronology of questions addressed:

Chronology: “New Career Paths in Health IT for Clinical Providers”

  • 2:00: What changes in healthcare are prompting physicians to consider IT careers?
  • 5:25: Why are clinicians interested in career change?
  • 7:25: What are common misconceptions about moving from clinical to IT positions?
  • 11:53: Which titles or roles are in greatest demand?
  • 18:35: What are some new areas and careers in IT that require a clinical background?
  • 20:08: What clinical skill sets are best suited to this career transition?
  • 22:31: What steps are helpful for physicians to take when seeking a career move in IT?
  • 24:10: What resources are available for physicians to become more knowledgeable about technology?
  • 30:52: What challenges are common among physicians migrating into IT roles?
  • 35:00: What are other recommendations for doctors interested in making the move to a health IT position?

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