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One of our firm’s most valued partners is AESC, the Association of Executive Search Consultants. AESC serves the interests of retained executive search firms, upholds standards of recruiting excellence, and communicates the benefits of retained search to companies and organizations globally.

Witt/Kieffer is pleased to be a long-time member and supporter of AESC, and we wish to acknowledge the great work that CEO Peter M. Felix has done as he steps down this week and turns the reins over to new chief Karen Greenbaum. (Thank you, Peter!)

While AESC inspires Witt/Kieffer to excel, the tone of excellence at our firm is set by our CEO Charles W.B. Wardell, III – “Chuck” to his friends and colleagues. Chuck is a no-nonsense, straight-talking leader as well as someone with humor, creativity, and vision, and it so happens that he was recently featured in Search: The AESC Quarterly.

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Chuck Wardell

As the article title, “Dedicated to Quality of Life,” suggests, Chuck is an unwavering champion of Witt/Kieffer’s ideals to serve organizations improving the quality of life, and also to ensure that Witt/Kieffer employees maintain a high quality of life.

Even if you’ve never met Chuck, the article is a good read for those interested in leadership and how executive search firms should operate. Here below are a few notable quotations from Wardell in the article:

On how executives should approach a job search:

  • “Do your homework on what firm has the expertise for what you do. Then drill down through their website to find out which specific partner is in your field. Write a letter to that partner that demonstrates your skills. Oftentimes someone will call you. But the scattergun approach of writing 100 people doesn’t work.”

On company culture:

  • “The firm takes over the culture of the people running it. I believe in quality of life internally. I’ve set the business up this way because I want people to be able to go home, to enjoy their families, and to be at soccer games.”

On team building:

  • “What I learned in Vietnam was that if you needed a bridge blown up, you called in the expert. We were a team made up of experts. When you look at our world, it is much easier to build teams if you bring in that strategy.”

For the full story, and more insight from Chuck, read here.

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By Brianna Scharfenberg, Communications Assistant, and Paul Thomas, Strategic Communications Leader


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