7 Best Practices for Telling Your Boss about a Job Search

Should you be transparent with your boss about a job search or play it safe by keeping it confidential until the offer is in writing? It is tricky, says David Boggs, practice leader of WK Advisors, a division of Witt/Kieffer which is focused on identifying and recruiting mid- and professional-level executives. “Telling the truth can have real consequences,” he explains. “But staying mum can be a risk as well. At the worst, your boss may post an ad for a new employee to replace you. At the least, it could create tension within the office.”

David Boggs

David Boggs

Boggs was featured in a recent article on the subject – “Should You Tell Your Boss You Are Job Searching?” – by career expert Alison Doyle on About.com. As rules of thumb, Boggs recommends seven factors to consider before making such an important decision:

  1. Consider Your Personal Ethics
  2. Strive to be Honest
  3. Assess the Risks
  4. Evaluate the Climate at Work
  5. Understand Your Supervisor
  6. Think about Timing
  7. Trust Your Common Sense

Whether one is deciding on which job to take or how to approach leaving one, instincts can and do speak volumes in a job search, Boggs believes. Trust those instincts and take the necessary steps to ensure that the truth doesn’t bring unwelcome consequences.

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By Brianna Scharfenberg, Communications Assistant

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