Career Best Practices: Do You Really Want That New Job?

By Nick Giannas, Consultant


Nick Giannas

Are you sure that you are ready for a new role? For a career change? To move? In almost every search I participate in as an executive recruiter, I encounter candidates who apply for the position without being sure they actually want it. Yes, they are interested in exploring the opportunity, as they usually want the higher salary and greater status the role brings. But do they really want the added responsibility and stress, the longer hours, or to move their family to another state? Will they even fit into the hiring organization’s corporate culture or like their new team and colleagues?

As a candidate, you owe it to yourself (and the employer) to do your homework before throwing your hat into the ring. Take a deep breath and ask yourself:

• Why do I want a new job? (Is my current one really that bad?)

• Why I am interested in this particular position?

• What other factors (family, quality of life, economics, etc.) will factor into my job search?

If these questions are asked and answered before the cover letter is composed and a resume is submitted, then candidates will save themselves and the employer time, energy, and perhaps some uncomfortable moments. For more on this topic, please read my latest article, “Do you really want a job change?” And before you apply for that next career step, be sure to ask yourself this same question.

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