Barden’s Best: Sage Advice for Academic Candidates and Search Committees

The CASE Leadership Summit is in full swing in Chicago, marking one of the social and intellectual highlights of the year for advancement leaders in higher education. A Witt/Kieffer contingent including senior partner Dennis Barden and consultants Zachary Smith and Mercedes Vance will be on hand for the proceedings.

Dennis Barden

Dennis Barden

Barden is not only one of our firm’s most experienced search consultants (in advancement and development, as well as for presidents, provosts and more), but also one of our most prolific and eloquent writers. Since summertime is often when academic leaders have time to read and ponder their careers, we offer up “Barden’s Best”—a dozen (or so) great articles on leadership, recruiting, and job searching in academia. (Let us send a nod to the Chronicle of Higher Education, in which most of these articles were published.)

Advice for Hiring Institutions and Search Committees:

Advice for Leadership Candidates and References:

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