2015 Up & Comers: Healthcare Leaders Intent on Innovation and Collaboration

“Healthcare today does not so much require a new brand of leadership as it does a brand that expects constant change and is willing to go beyond conventional solutions,” believes Witt/Kieffer’s Andrew Chastain. “It also requires establishing a culture where innovative thinking is rewarded.”

One way in which innovative, change-embracing executives are rewarded is through Modern Healthcare’s annual Up & Comers awards. Chastain’s quote is from his introduction to this year’s awards, which recognize difference-making leaders under the age of 40. Witt/Kieffer is proud to sponsor the Up & Comers program for the 18th consecutive year.

15-up-and-comers-logoDefining traits of the twelve new recipients, according to Chastain, include their enthusiasm for teamwork, their innovative thinking, and their commitment to the communities they serve. Ranging from age 33 to 40, this year’s honorees represent a broad range of healthcare leaders: two CEOs, two COOs, a president, CIO, CAO, Chief Medical Officer, the chief of staff at CMS, a VP of Advocacy and Public Policy, an Executive Director of a state health policy commission, and a Deputy Director of a state department of public health. It is a diverse group by many definitions.

Examples of award recipients include:

  • A trendsetter in healthcare technology, John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, has developed Web applications and co-founded the company Epidemico, all of which focus on gathering data to monitor disease outbreaks, offer analysis to healthcare officials, and improve patient experiences.
  • Lori Gustave, Chief Administrative Officer of Musculoskeletal and Rheumatology at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, increased patient revenue 90 percent in just four years after taking over the department, while also implementing same-day and online scheduling for patients.
  • At age 33, Jyric Sims is the youngest member on the list but has already had eight positions in the healthcare field. He is currently Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Tulane Health System in New Orleans, where he has fostered improvements in several system performance measures, including patient-satisfaction scores.

This year’s Up & Comers are tackling the tough job of reforming healthcare systems to more appropriately meet the changing needs of their communities. They are vibrant, unique and tenacious, and they are all deserving of the Up & Comer label. Witt/Kieffer congratulates the following dozen executives, and we encourage you to read and share their inspiring stories:

By the Witt & Wisdom Team

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