Let’s Make a Big Deal Out of Healthcare Leadership Diversity

By Jim Gauss and Oliver Tomlin

We think leadership diversity is a big deal. That’s why we thought it was significant last week when our firm released results of its fourth Healthcare Leadership Diversity study. (It was also a big deal when we did our first study in 1998, and again in 2006 and 2011.)

CaptureThe latest results are shared in a new report and related webinar:

We’re happy to say that others thought this new information was important, too. We have received many complimentary remarks from colleagues in the field—there is general appreciation whenever new insight on the status of diversity (racial/ethnic, gender, and other aspects) in healthcare is shared.

The picture is not necessarily rosy, however. While the study shows that there has been progress in improving the diversity of healthcare executives, respondents agree that we have a ways to go. Women feel more strongly than men that not enough progress has been made. Similarly, racially and ethnically diverse respondents believe there has been less improvement than Caucasians.

Information like this arms us all to do better and improve leadership diversity and inclusion in healthcare. It is important that executives represent and reflect the populations their organizations serve.

The new study also sparked dialogue and coverage in the media, including:

Diversity in leadership is a big deal. It makes healthcare organizations stronger and more in sync with employees, patients, and communities.

Jim Gauss and Oliver Tomlin are senior partners with Witt/Kieffer. They have both been actively involved in efforts to address diversity issues throughout their careers.

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