16 Strategic Questions for Healthcare CEOs in 2016

By Andrew Chastain

Andrew Chastain2016 is sure to be a year of tremendous change for the healthcare industry. In a recent article published by Becker’s Hospital Review, I take a very big-picture view and list 16 strategic questions healthcare CEOs and other leaders should ask themselves during the year ahead. From the transition to value-based care to the immediate need for greater information security, CEOs have more concerns than ever.

These questions come from having spent a great part of the last year speaking with hospital and health system CEOs about the questions they are asking — those that keep them up at night and those that they are successfully addressing. The questions include:

1. Where is my organization on the road to value-based care?
2. Do we also see patients as consumers?
3. Do we provide quality care, and can we prove it?
4. Can we share information and protect its security at the same time?
5. Do we have the right executive team and structure?

For all 16 and a brief discussion of each, I encourage you to read the article in Becker’s – “16 for 2016: Key strategic questions for healthcare CEOs”. Best of luck as you meet the challenges of 2016.

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