Recruiting New Executives for Children’s Hospitals

By Jim King


Jim King

There is no question that today’s healthcare landscape is evolving. For children’s hospitals, this change creates unique challenges to serve the industry’s most unique patients.

In a recent article for Becker’s Hospital Review, I examine the emerging responsibilities for executives in children’s hospital leadership and the new roles they have to play. One by-product of change is the introduction of new executive positions. Below are three emerging titles along with explanations as to why each is valuable to this very special division of healthcare. I encourage you to read the article in Becker’s for further insight.

Chief Transformation Officer
These leaders can carry the title of Chief Transformation Officer or Chief Innovation Officer and, as the titles suggest, are responsible for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to patient experience. New discoveries in children’s healthcare must meet new innovations in the hospital environment and treatment delivery. Children’s needs, and the needs of their parents, are now met in creative ways that improve the overall experience for both groups. The leaders in this category are essential in driving that change.

Chief Performance Improvement Officer
These executives, along with Chief Investment Officers or Chief Financial Officers, are tasked with finding new revenue sources during a time when the reform could potentially cause financial risk for children’s hospitals. Implementing cost-cutting strategies and ensuring success with sustainability will be the trademark of effective Chief Performance Improvement Officers.

Chief Integration Officer and/or Chief Organizational Development Officer
Children’s hospitals are not excluded from the current consolidation of hospitals and health systems. In these cases, children’s hospitals can benefit from consolidation with adult providers, since children’s healthcare plans are often aligned with their parents’ plans. Facilitating development – from an organizational to a technological perspective – will be a main goal of any chief integration officer or chief organizational development officer.

High turnover rates, due to consolidation and retirement, create a unique opportunity to reimagine leadership at children’s hospitals. Children’s healthcare executives have a chance to create new patient experiences and make other necessary changes to improve the lives of the industry’s most vulnerable patients.

James U. “Jim” King III is a senior partner, chief quality officer, and the leader of Witt/Kieffer’s Children’s Hospitals practice.

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