Recruiting a CEO? Have You Considered the CHRO?
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As with many executives in today’s workplace, chief human resources officers are witnessing a change in their function and scope within the leadership team. They are no longer seen as primarily supportive players; instead, many HR executives are taking on greater strategic and high-profile roles in their organizations.

Jena Abernathy

Jena Abernathy

“HR executives understand the central nervous systems of their organizations better than anyone,” writes senior partner Jena Abernathy in a recent article for Workforce. The varying and expanding responsibilities of CHROs, she says, are making these individuals attractive candidates for other executive opportunities that may not have existed in the past. In some cases, she writes, the CHRO role can even be a stepping stone to the CEO position. In addition to the more traditional HR responsibilities like facilitating employee collaboration and building successful teams, many human resources executives now focus on strategic planning, key performance indicator development, and financial decision-making (working closely with the CFO).

While not all CHROs aim for the top spot in the C-suite, those that do should emphasize the breadth of their capabilities including, ideally, other roles they’ve held outside of human resources. Abernathy advises HR professionals to “always think of themselves first as a great leader and executive with an expertise in human resources.”

For more, read the article in its entirety: The CHRO: A Stepping Stone to CEO?

By Lauren Corso, Communications Assistant

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