Leadership Lesson: Put Rookies in the Game
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Charles Wardell

As Major League Baseball returns, Witt/Kieffer CEO Charles W.B. Wardell, III reminds us of the importance of giving young professionals a chance to prove themselves. In his article “For a Home Run, Put Your Rookies in the Game,” on the website of Chief Executive magazine, Wardell writes that too many young employees are rarely given chances to excel early in their careers.

“Even the greenest employees can, and must, be given roles with responsibility and accountability,” he writes. “They may strike out at first, but that is part of the game…and part of the process of becoming competent.”

To create opportunities for these new players, Wardell suggests:

• Allow rookies to sit in on important meetings when viable.
• Actively mentor new employees.
• Evaluate and support young professionals in key areas needing improvement.

These and other ideas are “low-risk ways of getting rookies up to speed so they can start creating value,” Wardell believes.


By Paul Thomas, Strategic Communications Leader

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