How to Recruit an Athletic Director
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By Greg Santore, Leader, Sports Leadership Practice

Greg Santore

Greg Santore

What is the best way to conduct a college or university athletic director search? There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as AD search committees take many different paths to the hire. Along the way, there is tremendous pressure to make the right decision for often-divided constituents, from alums and donors to faculty and top administrators.

To find a great AD, I believe, recruitment must be comprehensive and efficient. There has to be a plan in place so that candidates and constituents understand the steps that are being taken, and that the person who is selected is validated by a legitimate process.

On that note, allow me to share a new resource our firm has developed, “Best Practices in AD Recruiting.” While no athletic director recruitment is the same, following established guidelines can greatly increase the likelihood that the right person for the right job is hired.

The sources below provide additional insight into the AD search process:

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Greg Santore is a principal with Witt/Kieffer and head of the firm’s Sports Leadership practice.

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