Make Your Online Presence Build (Not Sabotage) Your Career

By Diane Nicholas

Diane Nicholas

Diane Nicholas

While finding a new executive position is never easy, it seems as if today is a golden age for job seekers. Job listings, applications, career resources, and more are all available at a candidate’s fingertips. However, without careful attention to detail, this accessibility makes it easier for mistakes and missteps that could hurt career prospects.

I recently wrote an article for Training Magazine highlighting eight ways in which a person’s online presence could actually be detrimental to a job search. The article, “8 Ways Job Candidates E-Sabotage Themselves,” shares mistakes many job seekers make, and ways to avoid these pitfalls when establishing the “electronic” version of yourself. Below are just a few of the points I share:

• Avoid making negative (or extremely controversial) comments on social media.
• Carefully follow all instructions for applying for a job online; making a careless mistake here will cost you in the long run.
• Instead of sending your resume to any recruiter you find online, connect only with those who have strong ties to industries or companies where you would like to explore career opportunities.
• Never assume your LinkedIn profile is a substitute for an actual resume.

To read about these and other points in detail, read the full article on Training Magazine. Remember, always use your best judgment when presenting yourself online. You never know who is watching.

Diane Nicholas is a consultant with WK Advisors, a division of Witt/Kieffer.

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