Our Top Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, please join us as we take a look back at the insight, knowledge and advice shared by our contributors this past year. The items below highlight some of our most popular posts of 2016 from our thought leaders and are presented in the order they appeared on our blog. We hope you enjoy!

Find Solid Footing in a Shifting Career Landscape David Boggs, practice leader of WK Advisors, shares five ways for employees to ensure they remain an indispensible part of their organizations’ futures.

Recruiting New Executives for Children’s Hospitals James U. “Jim” King III acknowledges the effect shifting healthcare dynamics have on children’s hospitals and their leadership by examining the newly created or transforming roles of these institutions.

Leadership Candidates: Have you Done Your Research? It is a well known fact that search committees and executive search firms perform in-depth research on job candidates before making a job offer to a potential leader. In this blog Joyce De Leo suggests that candidates should do the same amount of background research on potential employers.

Leadership Lesson: Put Rookies in the Game Charles W.B. Wardell, III reminds readers of the importance of giving young professionals a chance to prove themselves.

The Chief Medical Information Officer – Second Generation Hillary Ross explains the evolution in the role of CMIO, its relation to the CHIO, and how both roles have changed as a result of the expansion of electronic health records.

Be Careful What You Tell the Realtor (And Other Job Search Secrets) In one of our most-shared posts of 2016, Donna Padilla describes several job search scenarios from the perspective of a search consultant, with careful advice on how to act in each circumstance.

Higher Ed Advancement Leadership: Career Tips for Unrealistic Times Zachary A. Smith, Ph.D. details the unrealistic expectations often placed on advancement leaders and offers advice for how to navigate the more difficult situations these leaders face.

Health Conversion Foundations: How (and When) to Slice the Pie Wayne Luke explains typical dilemmas board members face when creating a health conversion foundation and gives his best advice to assist these organizations in moving forward and continuing to thrive.

Onboarding Sets the Stage for CEO Success Paul Bohne examines the responsibility of the board as it relates to the onboarding of a new leader in any organization.

Senior Care CEOs: Succession Planning Essential to Preserve Mission Diane Tanking and Elaina Genser join together in this blog post to summarize a survey conducted by Witt/Kieffer in regards to leadership and transition in the senior care industry.

Anticipating Healthcare Executive Transitions Andrew Chastain introduces our newest executive guide on the importance of succession planning and strong leadership transition in healthcare.

Supporting the Success of Chief Diversity Officers on College Campuses Oliver B. Tomlin, III shares advice to campus leadership on how to create an environment in which a chief diversity officer can thrive.

As always, we wish you happiness in the upcoming year and look forward to continuing to share our thoughts with you.

The Witt & Wisdom Team

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