Career Best Practices: How to Work with an Executive Search Consultant

By Suzanne Teer

It is part of my job to give career advice to executives. While my ultimate responsibility is to employers – that is, our firm’s clients – I enjoy supporting professionals and connecting them with the right positions.

Many of the people I speak with are unfamiliar with the precise role of a search consultant in a recruitment. For this reason I recently wrote down some advice for job candidates on working with recruiters regarding the application, initial screening and phone interviewing, in-person interviews and more. While I work mostly with higher education leaders, I feel the suggestions apply to pretty much any executive job search situation:

“How to Work with an Executive Search Consultant”

Suzanne Teer

(This article was also published recently on the Higher Ed Jobs website – thanks to that publication for allowing us to share it.)

Also, let me to call attention to advice previously shared by my colleague in our Healthcare Practice, Donna Padilla, on “What Recruiters and Hiring Organizations Wish They Could Tell You.” This has more insider insights that executive candidates across industries can use to their career advantage.

Finally, an important question that is often overlooked or dismissed by candidates is, “Do You Really Want a Job Change?” This resource from Nick Giannas in our IT Practice is, I think, invaluable before you go down the path towards a new position.

Wishing you good advice and career success.

Suzanne Teer is an executive search consultant in Witt/Kieffer’s Education practice. Suzanne supports leadership searches across all academic areas, with particular expertise in development and advancement. She brings extensive experience in fundraising within the field of education spanning liberal arts colleges, independent schools, top-tier research universities, and academic medicine. Suzanne is based in the San Francisco Bay area.



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