Veteran with Vision: A Profile of Reggie Pearson


For Reggie Pearson, the climb to the executive suite in healthcare – and his current position of Vice President of Operations for MedStar Georgetown University Hospital – had its roots in military service. Since that time, Pearson has learned about the importance of vision in leadership. (“Nothing great has been achieved without vision,” he says.) He has also learned that the vision and skills of one person will not translate to success without the collective energy and skill of teams.

To find out more about how Pearson became a leader, we recently posed the questions below, which provided material for our new Leader Profile (click on link):

Reggie Pearson

Reggie Pearson: A Veteran with Vision

  • How did you become a leader? What’s been your recipe for professional growth and success?
  • What’s the most daunting challenge that leaders in healthcare operations are grappling with today? How have your responded to this challenge?
  • What leadership skills or strategies do you rely upon most in your day to day work?
  • How did your military experience prepare you to be a leader?
  • What’s the best career advice you’ve ever gotten?

We also asked Pearson to complete the following phrase: “Good leadership requires . . . “ He answered: “Vision. Having clear vision is a crucial element in leadership because, how can you effectively lead others if you can’t see where you are going? You need to know your destination and develop a road map to get there. Good leaders can clearly see what they are trying to achieve and articulate that objective succinctly to those they lead. Vision, then, becomes the driving force behind organizational goals and objectives. While the goal itself might dictate our approach to achieving the objective, nothing great has been achieved without vision.”

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