“Muddling Along” Is Not an Executive Recruiting Strategy


When the Economist Intelligence Unit recently sought expertise for a white paper on challenges in healthcare executive recruiting, one of the experts it turned to was Witt/Kieffer president and CEO Andrew Chastain. As hospitals and health systems look for top talent, Chastain believes, they have to understand what will differentiate them from competing organizations. If executive candidates get the sense that an organization’s leadership team is not interested in innovating, for example, they’ll look elsewhere.

Andrew Chastain

“These are generally very driven and altruistic people who want to make a difference,” Chastain explains in the report. “Muddling along is not a strategy for success in recruiting talent.”

New challenges and roles for healthcare leadership constantly emerge, and the C-suite is expanding to accommodate the needs. “Chief population health officer, chief health information officer, chief nursing information officer, chief quality officer, chief safety officer—none of these existed ten years ago,” Chastain notes while observing that healthcare’s changing business model is creating organizational complexities not seen in the past.

Perhaps most telling about the challenge of recruiting healthcare leaders today is the recent request made by a board chair to Chastain to “find a CEO who could solve problems they didn’t know they had yet.”

The whitepaper, “Recruitment Challenges Prompt New Wave of Innovation for U.S. Hospitals”, is available from EIU and provides a good discussion with industry leaders who face the challenges of developing, recruiting, and retaining the professional talent for a very different era in healthcare.

By the Witt & Wisdom Team

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