Best Practices Resource: Recruiting and Developing Physician Leaders

The following is the introduction to our newly published, complimentary best practices guidebook: “Recruiting and Developing Physician Leaders”.

The demand for physician leadership in healthcare has never been greater. Physician executives can add a strong clinical perspective to determining the strategic and operational imperatives of today’s healthcare organizations. Physician leaders bring the viewpoint of population health across the continuum and are integral to assisting their colleagues in the transformations necessary for continued success in the new reimbursement and regulatory environments.

Linda Komnick

The profile of today’s successful physician leader is an individual who is innovative and interdisciplinary, someone who can play the roles of steward, strategist, catalyst and change agent. We have seen the evolution of the physician executive from VPMA to CMO and now to many roles that combine use of their clinical acumen with finance, operations, strategy, quality and many other facets of healthcare delivery, education and research. Physicians in the C-suite are now the norm, including as CEO. The rise in demand at organizations large and small, urban and rural has resulted in a scarcity of candidates prepared – through advanced graduate degrees and through experience – for these positions, making the challenge of identifying potential candidates greater than ever. Hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and related organizations must be proactive and focused in securing and creating clinical leaders.

Christine Mackey-Ross

This best practices guidebook covers the current state of physician leadership across the continuum of care and offers suggestions for how leading healthcare organizations can develop, promote and recruit physician leaders. It also provides expert advice on what physicians themselves can do to hone their leadership skills and advance their own careers.

We hope that “Recruiting and Developing Physician Leaders” provides you with clear and useful advice for strengthening physician leadership in your organization.

Linda J. Komnick and Christine Mackey-Ross

Practice Leaders, Physician Integration & Leadership

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