Camera Ready: How Executives Can Prepare for Video Interviews

Video interviewing is increasingly common in executive recruiting, especially in the early stages of connecting with candidates. While many executives are comfortable being on camera, they can benefit from additional preparation prior to remote interviews.

In a recent issue of Training Magazine, Witt/Kieffer senior associate Andrew Trechsel laid out best practices for video interview preparation. His advice includes the following:

Test your technology. At least an hour before your scheduled interview, make sure everything is running smoothly. “The last thing you want during your video interview is to have connectivity problems,” he writes. He adds a simple but important point: clean the camera lens.

Andrew Trechsel

Dress professionally. “Remember that this is still an executive-level interview and that a suit (and tie for males) is expected,” he writes.

Consider camera placement. Keep the camera at eye level and at an appropriate distance: “You want the interviewer to be able to see from the top of your head to about mid-torso.”

Establish proper lighting. “Adjust for dimness or brightness,” he notes, “and make sure not to wear jewelry or other shiny objects that could catch the light and be distracting.”

Trechsel offers more valuable advice in the article, including the essential wisdom of: “Get pets as far away as possible”; and “don’t forget to smile.”

Obvious though it may seem, Trechsel points out that many things can go wrong with a video interview, so extra forethought and preparation is required.

Read:  Camera Ready: How Candidates Can Prepare for a Video Interview

The article is also available in PDF format.

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