The Impact of Burnout on Healthcare Executives: A Witt/Kieffer Study

What causes burnout among healthcare executives? Are employers offering programs to address the phenomenon, and is it enough? What do some individuals do at work and on their own in an effort to address burnout? Does job burnout have the ability to drive top healthcare executives from their jobs, perhaps even into non-healthcare related fields?

In an attempt to better understand the impact of burnout on retaining and advancing healthcare leaders, Witt/Kieffer conducted a survey of C-suite hospital and health system executives on the topic. In order to frame the subject, we provided respondents with the Mayo Clinic’s definition of burnout, specifically job burnout: “clinically defined as a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work.”

The survey had 343 respondents, representing CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, Chief Nursing Officers and other executives at the C-suite, Vice President and Director levels.

Read the full report here:

“The Impact of Burnout on Healthcare Executives: A Witt/Kieffer Study”


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