Step Up Your Game: Career Tips for Sports Business Professionals

By Greg Santore, Principal, Sports Leadership Practice

The sports industry is a competitive field, and oftentimes the hardest part for young sports business professionals is getting playing time. Many talented people are endeavoring to get in the game—to get their first job or internship—and can use a little coaching to get there.

Last month, I had the…

Welcoming a New CEO: What’s the CIO’s Role?

When a new CEO arrives, it is natural for the CIO to get a bit nervous. The worries abound: Is my job in jeopardy? If not, will we get along? Will the new CEO fully appreciate the role that IT plays in the organization’s strategic future?

Time will answer many of these questions. What the savvy CIO can do though is be prepared…

Higher Ed Leadership: A Dozen Recent Reads & Resources

By Lucy Leske

Higher education is going through a time of powerful adjustment, in which institutions feel more pressure than ever to prove the worth of a degree, keep tuition in check, maintain graduation and placement rates, and to take better care of students (from athletes to assault victims). Amidst the constant, accelerating pace of change, college presidents and other higher…

7 Best Practices for Telling Your Boss about a Job Search

Should you be transparent with your boss about a job search or play it safe by keeping it confidential until the offer is in writing? It is tricky, says David Boggs, practice leader of WK Advisors, a division of Witt/Kieffer which is focused on identifying and recruiting mid- and professional-level executives. “Telling the truth can have real consequences,” he explains. “But staying…

Readers’ Choice: Witt & Wisdom’s Top 14 for 2014

There is never a dull moment in healthcare, education, the nonprofit sector, and other industries which we serve. Leaders are kept on their toes, and there are plenty of issues and best practices to write about, as evidenced by the nearly 50 Witt & Wisdom blog posts published throughout this past year. As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to share the 14 most-read items on our blog from the year. (We’ve listed them alphabetically.) Enjoy, and we…

Physicians in Healthcare IT Leadership: Trends and Career Suggestions

Physicians are curious by nature, driven to accumulate new and different knowledge even after they are established in their practices. For this reason many physicians are fascinated with information technology and find themselves gravitating towards careers that combine their passions for medicine and IT.

There is an increasing need within healthcare IT leadership for M.D.’s, notes

Higher Education Executive Search: The Risk of Revealing One’s Candidacy Too Soon

The final stages of a job search for an executive are nothing short of nerve-wracking, on most every occasion. There is enough for the candidate to think about in terms of whether or not the new opportunity is the right one as a next career step. But there are perplexing issues for consideration regarding one’s current employer, too. Namely, when is the right time to reveal that you may be moving on?

In many industries the answer is simple—mum’s the…

Executive Development: Turn Supporting Roles into Starring Ones

Mary Barra’s hiring as General Motors’ CEO earlier this year was significant not just for the fact that she became the first female chief of a major automaker, but also because she took an atypical path to the top. In her more than three decades with GM (starting as an intern!), she worked in various executive roles across different functional areas—even those areas considered non-strategic. In 2009, a tough time for the firm, she accepted the position of VP…

Does Nonprofit Leadership Need a Dose of For-Profit Expertise?

Private-sector executives who make the leap into nonprofit leadership positions are often viewed with a jaundiced eye. Are they really committed to the not-for-profit world? Will they fit into a nonprofit’s culture? Will their for-profit ideals somehow tarnish their new organization’s mission?

These are legitimate questions, says Wayne Luke, managing partner of Witt/Kieffer’s Not-for-Profit practice, and yet in most cases the concerns are unfounded. Most “bridgers”—corporate executives switching careers into the nonprofit sector—know…

Readers’ Choice: Witt & Wisdom’s Top 13 for 2013

2013 was a year of tremendous growth and change in healthcare, higher education, academic medicine, the life sciences, IT, not-for-profit, and the other industries we serve, giving leaders in those areas plenty of challenges. While Witt & Wisdom strived to cover trends and transformations along these many fronts last year, the following 13 blog posts were, according to our click data, the most widely read. (We’ve listed them in chronological order by publication date).