10 Great Articles on Nonprofit Leadership

By Wayne Luke, Not-for-Profit Practice Leader

What’s the latest in nonprofit leadership? It’s always helpful to scan major media outlets and nonprofit-oriented publications to see what issues are front and center for executives today. Below are 10 articles—all of which have been published since the start of the New Year—that highlight key non-for-profit industry leadership and industry trends.  They emphasize the importance of mission,…

Higher Education Institutional Advancement: Finding Opportunity in Leadership Transition

Few things stress advancement and development professionals as much as turnover at the top of their organizations. In higher education institutional advancement offices, entire campaigns and carefully nurtured relationships can be dashed if the transition of a new president, provost, or dean isn’t managed smoothly or the new leader has other, unanticipated priorities. The best way to respond to the uncertainty of leadership turnover is for the chief development officer and colleagues to be proactive, and positive, says Witt/Kieffer…

Nonprofit Executive Search: A Scientific Success Story

Finding successful leaders for not-for-profits is no easier than for corporations—all top executives today need broad skill sets combined with the ability to think strategically and with vision.

When the Union of Concern Scientists (UCS) set out recently to find a Director for its new Center for Science and Democracy, it sought someone who was a demonstrated leader, proven scientific intellectual, a specialist in public policy, and PR/communications expert. It…

Who Will Lead Health Conversion Foundations?

Guest post by Marvene M. Eastham, Witt/Kieffer Senior Vice President

As nonprofit hospitals and health systems struggle to maintain access to capital to reinvest in their organizations, they may turn to acquisition by for-profit healthcare organizations. In theory it is a win-win: the for-profit expands its reach and gains access to a larger market share, which is attractive to shareholders, while the former nonprofit pays debts and has ready access to capital in…

For Hospital Board Succession Planning, Creativity Counts

Even the best hospital and health system boards are challenged to find new members. While traditional skills such as accounting and finance are still highly valued, boards increasingly need individuals who understand, for example, population health, evidence-based medicine, and even information technology and social media.

“Board members with proven clinical experience in quality measurement and performance improvement are especially prized,” Jim Gauss writes on Boardmember.com. “As the healthcare landscape and its financial incentives are transformed,…

Not-for-Profit Healthcare Lures Top Candidates with Support for Relocation

Guest post by Elaina Spitaels Genser

One ripple effect of a tough economic climate is that organizations struggle to land top candidates when selling a residence and relocating to a new community are issues. In response, hiring organizations are becoming more creative offering relocation benefits to for C-suite and vice presidential candidates. Here are some relocation options that have been used successfully by not-for-profit healthcare organizations: