Who Will Fill Your Shoes? Best Practices for Hiring a Successor

Any conscientious executive knows the value in naming and developing a successor. Given enough time and mentoring, your understudy can learn the ropes, gain critical experience and, when the time is right, take over your responsibilities in what is hopefully a seamless transition. Such leadership succession planning is good for the organization, not to mention the fact that it reflects well upon your own legacy.

David Boggs, practice leader of

The Choice for Educational Leaders: Bold Vision or Mediocrity

Institutions of higher education are reshaping themselves—forced to do so in an era of shrinking budgets and heightened demands from students, lawmakers, and other stakeholders. As new institutions arise, so will new types of educational leaders. One trend is for colleges and universities to look for leaders with backgrounds in science and technology, for example, as Witt/Kieffer Education practice co-leader Lucy Leske mentioned recently in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The…