The Board’s Role in CEO Transition—Part 1

Guest post by Karen Otto

When a health care CEO leaves—whether the departure is expected or unplanned—the board needs to be in control. A transition in leadership can be a turbulent time. Organizations can avoid the turmoil by putting a transition plan in place proactively.

Start here and now

Identify a transition team. Which board members—the executive committee or the whole board—will be responsible for the transition process?

Revisit your leadership profile

Organizations grow and change, and the transition team should review ideal leadership…

Higher Education Choosing More Internal Candidates

Guest blog by Lucy Apthorp Leske

Today’s challenged economy places extraordinary demands on campus leadership—and it is equally demanding of search processes. More academic institutions are announcing leadership hires without national searches. Is the calculus on internal candidates and length of searches changing, or is this simply a product of the times?

The costs of an external search include not just direct expenses but also the costs of delays in making key decisions and the risk of a poor fit between…

Four Ways to Make CEO Transition Work

Guest blog by Jim Gauss

The margin for error in the selection and onboarding of hospital and health system CEOs is thin and getting thinner with the passage of health care reform legislation. The selection process can be tough and time-consuming. Trustees or board members may want to sit back and take a breather after they’ve made their choice of a leader.

Don’t do it!

Here are some strategies that may help avoid having to repeat the search process too soon:

1. Match…