Witt/Kieffer Days of Service: A Focus on Children


Each spring, Witt/Kieffer employees participate in Days of Service during which they take time out of their lives and work schedules to volunteer at charitable organizations in their communities. This is one way that our search consultants and staff strive to live by our mission to support organizations that “improve the quality of life.” This year’s Days of Service, coordinated by employees across the…

A Time to Serve U.S. Service Members

Each spring, Witt/Kieffer employees give back to their communities in a firm-wide “Day of Service.” This year, consultants and staff across the U.S. took time out of the office to honor and support military and veterans organizations for a day.

Fourteen groups at different Witt/Kieffer sites participated over the course of two weeks, dedicating time and resources to the following organizations:

Our Top Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, please join us as we take a look back at the insight, knowledge and advice shared by our contributors this past year. The items below highlight some of our most popular posts of 2016 from our thought leaders and are presented in the order they appeared on our blog. We hope you enjoy!

Find Solid Footing in a Shifting Career Landscape David Boggs, practice…

Counterintuitive (But Reliable) Leadership Principles

Leaders today must be more engaged and collaborative with colleagues, more in touch with employees, more conscientious of what they do and say, more concerned about diversity and fairness, and more accountable for the security, honesty, and welfare of their companies than in the past. This new landscape requires leaders to question their intuitions, while sticking with tried-and-true principles.

Witt/Kieffer Chair and CEO Charles W.B. Wardell, III recently…

Make Your Online Presence Build (Not Sabotage) Your Career

By Diane Nicholas

While finding a new executive position is never easy, it seems as if today is a golden age for job seekers. Job listings, applications, career resources, and more are all available at a candidate’s fingertips. However, without careful attention to detail, this accessibility makes it easier for mistakes and missteps that could hurt career prospects.

I recently wrote an article for Training Magazine highlighting…

From Athlete to Athletic Director: A Profile of Amy Backus

What path takes a girl from the basketball court of an Ohio high school to a university athletic director’s office? Amy Backus’ career journey wove from high school basketball star in Vermillion, Ohio, to student-athlete at Central Michigan University, to college coach and now to an AD position at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. At each stop on the path she has strived for personal achievement, institutional success, and especially to make a difference in the lives of…

Employee Wellness: An Integral Part of Witt/Kieffer’s Mission

As part of living the mission of promoting the quality of life, Witt/Kieffer employees were recently challenged to support a more active lifestyle by participating in a “Walk to Rio” step challenge leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics. The original challenge, for the entire firm to walk…

What Do Search Consultants Do? (Hint: Much More Than Search)

By Mike Raddatz, Consultant

Executive search consultants spend a lot of our time on essential recruiting activities such as sourcing candidates, interviewing, vetting, and presenting candidates to clients. To borrow a phrase from a well-known insurance commercial, “It’s what we do.”

But, as with any line of work, there is always a lot more to the practice than first meets the eye. A day in the life…

AHA 24th Annual Leadership Summit: Diverse Angles

By Meeta Gandhi

Part 2 of a two-part series; read Part 1 here.

On the second day of the AHA Annual Leadership Summit, I attended the track, “Equity of Care: Essential to Improved Quality and Lower Costs,” where Mr. Tomás Leon, President and CEO of the Institute for…

AHA 24th Annual Leadership Summit: Pat Riley on Winning and Learning

By Meeta Gandhi

As an early careerist, having the opportunity to attend the American Hospital Association’s 24th Annual Leadership Summit was nothing short of exhilarating. This was my first experience attending a healthcare conference of this magnitude. As an intern in AHA’s Institute for Diversity’s Summer Enrichment Program, it was an opportunity to network with 13 peers who had been selected to attend,…