The Year in Review: Our Top 15 of 2015

2015 blueAs 2015 comes to an end, it is worth taking a look back at the insight, knowledge, and advice shared by our contributors this past year. The items below highlight some of the best resources and articles from our own thought leaders and were the most viewed on Witt & Wisdom.

And the top 15 are . . .

Career Advice

  • Career Best Practices: Do You Really Want That New Job?

Readers’ Choice: Witt & Wisdom’s Top 14 for 2014

There is never a dull moment in healthcare, education, the nonprofit sector, and other industries which we serve. Leaders are kept on their toes, and there are plenty of issues and best practices to write about, as evidenced by the nearly 50 Witt & Wisdom blog posts published throughout this past year. As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to share the 14 most-read items on our blog from the year. (We’ve listed them alphabetically.) Enjoy, and we…

Supporting Best Practices in Executive Search

Cover of AESC Issue with Chuck feature

One of our firm’s most valued partners is AESC, the Association of Executive Search Consultants. AESC serves the interests of retained executive search firms, upholds standards of recruiting excellence, and communicates the benefits of retained search to companies and organizations globally.

Witt/Kieffer is pleased to be a long-time member and supporter of AESC, and we wish to acknowledge the great work…

Helping Confront Hunger: Witt/Kieffer Day of Service

One in six Americans faces the challenge of hunger, according to the hunger-relief charity Feeding America. It is a surprising and disappointing statistic. In most cases, Chicago_no one should go hungrythese individuals are “food insecure,” unsure of where future meals will come from. Hunger has a particularly devastating impact on children and seniors, and on urban as well as rural communities.

Witt/Kieffer’s mission is to…

Martin Luther King’s Lessons for Diversity and Leadership

Much will be written this week about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ongoing influence upon our society. In both substantial and subtle ways, King’s beliefs and actions continue to serve as a lens through which we assess and refine how we approach our everyday lives.

King’s messages of social justice and fairness—and the way he epitomized great leadership—have always resonated with our team at Witt/Kieffer. As we support clients in their efforts to recruit top leaders into their organizations, we draw…

Readers’ Choice: Witt & Wisdom’s Top 13 for 2013

2013 was a year of tremendous growth and change in healthcare, higher education, academic medicine, the life sciences, IT, not-for-profit, and the other industries we serve, giving leaders in those areas plenty of challenges. While Witt & Wisdom strived to cover trends and transformations along these many fronts last year, the following 13 blog posts were, according to our click data, the most widely read. (We’ve listed them in chronological order by publication date).

The Value of Retained Search Firms: Beyond the Limits of LinkedIn

Many casual observers of the retained executive search industry have been quick to sound its death knell, often citing two key factors: LinkedIn and in-house recruiting. LinkedIn, they say, makes recruiting—even at the executive level—a “do it yourself” activity and significantly devalues search firms.

At the same time, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies are establishing and beefing up their internal recruiting teams (even hiring experienced consultants from search firms). “We know ourselves and our needs better than anyone else,” they say,…

We Came, We Packaged, We Helped: Witt/Kieffer’s Day of Service with Feeding America

In St. Louis, they processed more than 10,000 pounds of donated food, helping to provide some 8,000 meals for the hungry. In Houston, they played a part in getting food to more than 18,000 area homes. In Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, they repackaged some 13,000 pounds of pasta, as cries of “Noodle me!” filled the air. From Irvine to Houston, Boston…