What to Expect When You’re Expecting a New Healthcare CEO

By Andrew Chastain 

In recruiting healthcare CEOs today, there is usually serious consideration (and consternation) around the question of not just whom to hire, but what this person should do. There are so many things a healthcare CEO can do that organizations must set more realistic expectations about what she or he should do. This doesn’t mean compromising in whom to hire,…

Career Best Practices: Do You Really Want That New Job?

By Nick Giannas, Consultant

Are you sure that you are ready for a new role? For a career change? To move? In almost every search I participate in as an executive recruiter, I encounter candidates who apply for the position without being sure they actually want it. Yes, they are interested in exploring the opportunity, as they usually want the higher salary and…

Step Up Your Game: Career Tips for Sports Business Professionals

By Greg Santore, Principal, Sports Leadership Practice

The sports industry is a competitive field, and oftentimes the hardest part for young sports business professionals is getting playing time. Many talented people are endeavoring to get in the game—to get their first job or internship—and can use a little coaching to get there.

Last month, I had the…

Welcoming a New CEO: What’s the CIO’s Role?

When a new CEO arrives, it is natural for the CIO to get a bit nervous. The worries abound: Is my job in jeopardy? If not, will we get along? Will the new CEO fully appreciate the role that IT plays in the organization’s strategic future?

Time will answer many of these questions. What the savvy CIO can do though is be prepared…

Higher Ed Leadership: A Dozen Recent Reads & Resources

By Lucy Leske

Higher education is going through a time of powerful adjustment, in which institutions feel more pressure than ever to prove the worth of a degree, keep tuition in check, maintain graduation and placement rates, and to take better care of students (from athletes to assault victims). Amidst the constant, accelerating pace of change, college presidents and other higher…

Can Healthcare Governance Get to Great? (Yes. Here’s How.)

By Andrew Chastain, Kimberly Smith, FACHE, and James Gauss

It is easy to spot high-functioning hospital and health system boards. Their trustees are skilled, committed to their organizations, and care about making a real difference in people’s lives.

But excellence in healthcare governance is not something that we see throughout the industry and can be inconsistent from one boardroom to…

Where Will Tomorrow’s Children’s Hospital Leaders Come From?

By James U. King III and Christine Mackey-Ross

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” –Bill Gates

If there were ever a time to make serious plans for the development and transitioning of senior executives at children’s hospitals, it is now. Child health issues ranging from Medicaid reform and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to childhood obesity and pediatric research present major challenges….

7 Best Practices for Telling Your Boss about a Job Search

Should you be transparent with your boss about a job search or play it safe by keeping it confidential until the offer is in writing? It is tricky, says David Boggs, practice leader of WK Advisors, a division of Witt/Kieffer which is focused on identifying and recruiting mid- and professional-level executives. “Telling the truth can have real consequences,” he explains. “But staying…

10 Great Articles on Nonprofit Leadership

By Wayne Luke, Not-for-Profit Practice Leader

What’s the latest in nonprofit leadership? It’s always helpful to scan major media outlets and nonprofit-oriented publications to see what issues are front and center for executives today. Below are 10 articles—all of which have been published since the start of the New Year—that highlight key non-for-profit industry leadership and industry trends.  They emphasize the importance of mission,…

Rural Healthcare Leadership: What’s Ahead for Independent Hospitals?

AHA Rural Healthcare Conference

Rural and independent hospitals have some distinct issues compared to other healthcare providers in the U.S. And with more distance between the geographic areas these leaders serve, it can be harder to have face-to-face conversations about tackling them.  That’s why forums like the AHA Rural Healthcare Conference are so valuable to the rural healthcare community. Witt/Kieffer consultant Beth Nelson…